I had chronic lower back pain last year and having tried Osteopathy, massage etc I decided to try West Pier Body Stress Release with Laine. She correctly diagnosed that the pain was referred from tension in my neck, which no other practitioner had noticed and prescribed several sessions to correct the tension in my body. During the process the pain began to shift and I doubted the whole thing but incredibly after a couple more sessions my pain disappeared completely.  Now I visit Laine once every month or so for a maintenance session! but am living completely pain free. I cannot recommend Laine highly enough. Her diagnosis was spot on and she has sorted out my back totally.

N. Sweeney (January, 2017)

I have suffered from acute panic attacks for 15 years. Nothing soothed them or prevented them from recurring. I took prescribed medication of all types, sat in many many therapy sessions, practised yoga and meditation and did my best to personally figure out what was causing them. Over the years nothing helped.

I had three sessions with Laine in July 2016 and for the first time in over a decade I haven’t had a single panic attack, not one. In moments that usually trigger them, they (miraculously) haven’t occurred. I’m a pretty mainstream, western medicine person and can’t pretend to understand the mysteries of the body or how it all works. But whatever she did is incredible, and the frightening tight chest pain is gone. And what’s even better is that I don’t have to take medication any more either!
Even if you don’t have any particular ailments, attending Laine’s sessions are the most soothing and comforting experiences. It’s like having a massage! A more professional and devoted therapist I have not met. And if you have any questions, I had many, you won’t leave until she has answered every one of them. She is truly gifted and I can’t recommend her practice enough.

J. Nicholson (October 26th, 2016)

When I came to Laine with a knee injury, she gave me a great overview of the Body Stress Release philosophy which helped me understand how to get the best results from my treatment.

I was sceptical that such subtle pressure could create substantial shifts in my body, but that dissolved quickly. I felt the healing in Laine’s hands straight away – there is nothing mechanical or cold in anything she does. She is pure, intuitive energy.

For me there were two limbs to the treatment – the incredibly nurturing & deeply relaxing hands on BSR & then the amazing healing process that’s triggered & continues in your body between sessions.

I can’t recommend Laine highly enough. It’s rare to be able to be treated by such a gifted & intuitive healer.

S. Wright (October 8th, 2016)

It’s in the subtlety that the deepest and most profound effects are felt. Laine has the perfect balance of technique and intuition. It felt as though my body was a map of my life’s experiences and with each maneuvour all the places I had forgotten were rediscovered. She also worked on my 5 month old baby, after the 2nd session I noticed a huge shift in her overall comfort.
Looking forward to another session!

T. Westraad (September, 2016)

Amazing results after 2 sessions – I have ongoing sciatica issues which Body Stress Release has helped so far by removing any residual pain, I’m having sessions to maintain my current pain free state.

Laine took a thorough physical history and was happy to explain and answer any questions that I had about the technique.

A. Onions (September, 2016)

A lifetime of bad posture and injuries from sport and gym had left me with chronic lower back pain and a perpetual ache and AC separation lump at the top of my right shoulder. After seemingly exhausting options to treat these, I was very almost resigned to just accepting them . During my first release at West Pier Body Stress Release, I felt a vivid ‘unwinding’ sensation in the small of my back and noticeably afterwards, aside from feeling wonderfully relaxed, was aware of how effortlessly I was able to hold good posture. Now, a week after my third release, the pain in my lower back has completely gone and my shoulder has regained most of its mobility. I cannot recommend West Pier Body Stress Release highly enough!

R. Raubenheimer (August, 2016)

So, first of all you probably need to know that I’m a very cynical person. Very. Facts speak and I have small patience for the idea of alternative therapies or non-mainstream practices. So it was with some trepidation and much cajoling that I decided to try body stress release. It’s not alternative, but it is relatively unknown and my inner (and outer) cynic screamed that it probably was so for very logical reasons.

Having had two significant car crashes in my early twenties resulting in various pins and bits of metal being implanted in my ankle, I’ve had twenty years of my leg slowly seizing up and getting less and less movement. There have been the regular (almost daily) cramps and shooting pains as my muscles and tendons around my ‘bad leg’ struggle to get going and there has followed in more recent years the pains in the rest of my body as everything else tries to compensate for the lack of movement in the leg. Doctors and specialists I visited wrote it off and said simply that it was early arthritis because of the accident and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So I ignored the pain and carried on.

A busy life with four lively boys leaves little time for introspection, time for yourself and silly things like going to the doctors, so whilst it got more uncomfortable (more shooting pains, longer in the morning to get things going) life went on. DIY injuries, trips down stairs and out of the attic (don’t ask!) , long drives, a very painful weekend walking round New York and a birthday with a 0 at the end of it finally forced me to concede that I should do something about this.

A recommendation for a physiotherapist did finally bring some relief, a lessening of the shooting pains and a regular regime of stretches got me walking almost like a human again and I started to run. Happily numbed and excited about the possibility of Lycra and trainers off I went. I pulled everything and got plantar fasciitis to boot. (For those of you that don’t know it’s like standing on invisible lego bricks every time you walk). Back to Physio for more stretching but sadly not much permanent relief

So, thusly incapacitated, hobbling, aching, strapped up and pretty much having resigned myself to an ongoing life of short fixes with Physiotherapy or regular dosing with Ibuprofen (or stronger) to get myself through those “really difficult days” I arrived at West Pier Body Stress Release. Prepared for pulling and prodding and yet another short lived (if at all) relief.

Whilst being a cynic, I’m also very prepared to admit when I was wrong.

And boy was I.

After my first session with Laine, having had a pretty thorough discussion of all of the ills that beset me and a 40 minute release I came out feeling better than I had in years. Relaxed, significantly less encumbered by pain and much more aware of my body and how it could/should function. It was a little weird as my limbs were able to move differently and I was feeling things that I hadn’t before. The discussion about chasing the pain (helping your body work its way back though years of injuries and in my case overcompensation for lack of movement) made a lot of sense. As I went through the next few days and began to work out what had loosened up and how it was affecting me I did begin to feel different aches as my body got used to re connecting with bits it had given up on but Laine talked me through this and helped me understand where and how my body was healing. After a year of pretty agonising plantar fasciitis I woke up the next morning and walked for the first time without pain.

Three sessions later I am now not only a firm convert to the pretty astonishing techniques of BSR, but a man who for the first time in 20 years feels no pain, and is getting back in tune with his body.

Please give it a go. It will change your life.

R. McShane (July, 2016)

West Pier Body Stress Release technique is amazing – I still don’t know quite how it works, but that’s not important because it just does. And Laine is a wonderful therapist, making you feel instantly relaxed and in safe hands.

L. Parks (May, 2016)

Money really well spent, highly recommended! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I would describe the treatment as gentle yet firm – not at all forceful or painful. Laine is very knowledgeable about human form and great at explaining the process from where the problems stem from, to what she will do to treat it, and loads of advice to avoid further problems. If massage and other manipulative treatments haven’t worked in the long term, try BSR instead.

J. Owen (May, 2016)

I’ve been suffering from reoccurring back and leg pain for as long as I remember. When I’m training for my bike races it gets worse forcing me to habitually take painkillers to race. After 4 sessions it has gone and now I use west piers services to help me recover (maintenance) from long 100 mike plus rides. Didn’t think it was fixable after trying everything but it is. Highly recommended.

M. Sanna (May, 2016)

I have suffered from lower back pain for more than a decade. Having seen countless osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors and specialists to frustrating lack of success. West Pier introduced a technique I was honestly sceptical before hand but the results have been fantastic. The service is non invasive like many other treatments and suited to your personal needs. I would thoroughly recommend it.

D. Bazugbe (May, 2016)

I have had scoliosis (spine is curved and s-shaped) which has caused referred pain and postural problems since my teenage years. After a thorough consultation regarding medical history and relevant background issues, Laine has worked wonders to release and relieve the pain. As well as BSR she has given me great advise regarding how to retrain myself to sit and support my back correctly when working. She has a calming and gentle nature teamed with an instinctive sensitivity which leads her straight to problem areas. I feel totally relaxed during treatments and very confident in her abilities. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with pain issues of any kind.

C. Burke (March, 2016)

After my very first BSR session with Laine I was amazed at what an immediate improvement in how my body felt and to my range of movement. Laine was great and totally put me at my ease. Subsequent sessions gave even more of an improvement to my back and neck pain. It’s incredible that what seems like such a subtle gentle technique can have such a positive impact – I really recommend it 🙂

S. Eldridge (Dorchester) March 22, 2016 

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