BSR is a process.

Think of the difference between healing and plastering. Think about whether what you are after is a short-term fix (nothing wrong with that for some people) or a long term release. The answer to this question will help you to decide where to invest your time and money.

BSR, for musculoskeletal pain especially, is a process. It’s not a quick fix. Honestly, medication is probably the only real quick fix for these sorts of pains. Some bodies heal faster than others. Some pains are held deeper in the body than others – because they’ve been around longer or because the initial cause and the repercussions have overwhelmed your body’s ability to heal itself. As your BSR practitioner I commit to work to the absolute best of my ability, and I will need you to commit to invest your time – at the very least 3 – 5 sessions. You will need to agree to take it easy for the first 11 days minimum. If you can do this we will be able to assess what benefit you have gained and where we can go from there. It may be that 3 sessions is all you need. Most of my clients come to see me once a month for a maintenance sessions – to keep tension from locking in to the body and also because it feels great!

It’s true that there have been occasions when the BSR technique does just work straight away. I’ve had clients with anxiety, general feelings of being out of alignment, incessant tension headaches, RSI and more superficial back, neck, shoulder pains – feel super after 1 or 2 sessions. But this is rare. Most people who I see have ended up at my door because they have had ongoing pain that has built up over years of certain kinds of stress and/or repeated wrong movements over time. Unpacking that sort of build-up takes time and it depends on you, your pain and your response to the sessions.

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