Reawaken your good body with the Body Stress Release Technique

Reawaken your Good Body

What is the Body Stress Release technique?

Some pains are held deeper in the body than others because they’ve been around longer or, because the initial cause and the repercussions have overwhelmed your body’s ability to heal itself. Body Stress Release (or BSR) is a progressive and rapidly growing non-invasive body-work technique. 

Once the sites of stress and pain have been identified and located in your body, a series of gentle ‘releases’ are performed.  These ‘releases’ are done as a slight pressure or impulse using the thumb or fingers. This pin-pointed and gentle approach initiates a series of messages to your brain, alerting it to where the stored tension in your body is and encourages its own self-healing responses. BSR is a safe technique that can be used across all ages and levels of health.

Who can benefit from BSR?

BSR helps to relieve tension caused by physical injury and body stress, as well as relieve psychological and emotional stressors. 

If you are experiencing: 

  • General Aches and Pains
  • Back Pain
  • Growing Pains
  • Migraines
  • Tension Headaches
  • Neck Pain 
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Pain related to perimenopause & menopause
  • Pain related to inflammation and autoimmune conditions

BSR is a process

It is not a quick fix. Think of the difference between deep healing and putting on a plaster. Think about whether what you are after is a short-term fix or a long term, deep release. The answer to this question will help you to decide where to invest your time and money.

Following on from, or in conjunction with, your BSR treatments we will look at your posture and movement habits and you will learn how to make small changes that stop you from recreating the same stress, tension and pain in your body.

Feel good again

Using a combination of posture analysis and correction and the Body Stress Release (BSR) technique, let’s rediscover your good body. No matter how unfit, unmotivated or unlucky you believe you are and no matter your age, your body is willing and wonderfully able to change, get better, get stronger and pain free. 

Laine Redpath

Laine Redpath BSR opened its doors in March 2016 and, although new to the Brighton health and wellness scene, has made lives better on a daily basis from pier to pier, laines to lanes, and downs to dykes, ever since.


“I had chronic lower back pain last year. Now, I visit Laine once every month or so for a maintenance session! but now I am living completely pain-free. I cannot recommend Laine highly enough.”

N. Sweeney 

“I had three sessions with Laine and for the first time in over a decade, I haven’t had a single panic attack, not one. She is truly gifted and I can’t recommend her practice enough.”

J. Nicholson

“I can’t recommend Laine highly enough. It’s rare to be able to be treated by such a gifted & intuitive healer.

S. Wright

“I have ongoing sciatica issues which Laine and Body Stress Release has helped so far by removing any residual pain, I’m having sessions to maintain my current pain-free state.”

A. Bettison

“Body Stress Release technique is amazing – I still don’t know quite how it works, but that’s not important because it just does. And Laine is a wonderful therapist, making you feel instantly relaxed and in safe hands.”

L. Parks

“I have suffered from lower back pain for more than a decade. Having seen countless osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, and specialists to a frustrating lack of success. I was honestly skeptical beforehand but the results have been fantastic. Laine’s service is non-invasive like many other treatments and suited to your personal needs.”

D. Bazugbe

Book a session

Initially you will need to commit to at least 3 – 5 sessions. You will need to agree to take it easy for the first 11 days, minimum, after your first session so that we can jointly assess what benefit you have gained and plan for how to move forward. It may be that 3 sessions is all you need or, it may be that it’s best to have once a month maintenance session to keep tension from locking into your body (and also because it feels great!).


Mobile: 079 1225 8095


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