Aches and pains

Most of us suffer from aches and pains – usually due to repeated small errors in posture over time. Sitting at your desk at work every day slightly stooped or is a ‘stressed posture’ can gradually develop into back and neck pain, or repeatedly end in tightness or headaches by the end of the day. Walking with a bag over a certain shoulder every day; carrying a child in a certain way; bending or lifting (especially if this is part of your job) over and over again; even sleeping in a certain way or exercising incorrectly – all these can end in locked in tension in the body that means you’re in pain and discomfort and often don’t know why.


The bulk of my clients come to me at this stage. BSR is a wonderfully effective way to unlock these misalignments.

Our aftercare package includes: postural advice and guidance and exercise training that you can do to ensure that you stay free of this tension over the long term.

Musculoskeletal conditions are some of the most underfunded and under-researched types of pain because they don’t kill you! So it can be frustrating trying to find answers to your condition. You may invariably be offered medication and then surgery. Try BSR first. There is no need to feel older and crankier in your body than your age or lifestyle should allow. We will work together to change things.

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